Mothers can enroll their infants in WIC shortly after their birth. An appointment is scheduled within several days when the mother calls in the infant's birth information. When the infant comes to the WIC office, a nurse and nutritionist will both assess the infant, answering questions the mothers have regarding infant care and feeding. At this initial visit, breast feeding mothers are issued the larger food package. They are encouraged to attend the breast feeding support group luncheon and take advantage of WIC to answer all their breast feeding questions. Mothers who choose to feed their infants artificial baby milk will receive food instruments for the infants that provide a supply of artificial baby milk. However, WIC is a supplemental food program and does not supply all the artificial baby milk the infant will need during it's first year of life. Infants who are breast fed and those who are fed artificial baby milk receive food instruments for infant cereal and juice in the later portion of the first year of life.

At 2, 4 and 9 months, infants are scheduled for nutrition education sessions. During these group or individual sessions, infant feeding practices are discussed. Breast fed infants attend a combined nutrition session designed for both mother and baby. This session is meant to be a support group for those mothers who are breast feeding. Infants who are fed artificial baby milk are scheduled to attend nutrition sessions led by an employee of Baby TALK. They receive parenting information along with nutrition information. It is not necessary for the parent to bring the infant to these sessions.

At 6 months, infants are scheduled for a follow-up session in which they are assessed by both the nurse and the nutritionist.

The WIC staff serves as a source of nutrition education for the community. Parents of newborn infants are encouraged to call the WIC office anytime during working hours to receive infant nutritional information.

If a parent is in need of medical or social services, the WIC staff can help to link that parent with the correct agency or organization in the community.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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